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Why Collaborative Methods?

Simply, we’re all about the kids. All of our tools have been developed to either directly support our children, or promote the means to improve upon the private school infrastructure that serves their learning environment.


Collaborative Methods will empower the private learning community through improved collaboration that will better serve our students.


Our vision is to provide easy-to-use, online solutions that work well, yet don’t maintain steep financial barriers for private schools. The internet presents an improved means to deliver quality tools that historically were prohibitive to the independent educational landscape. Collaborative Methods will proactively harness technology aimed at providing returns for learning communities that ultimately benefit our children.


Starting with a feature-rich foundation, Collaborative Methods builds and maintains a partnership with our clients. Our partner schools and their administrative groups benefit from our technical expertise and proactive support. We offer managed services to ensure that your school’s online tools and internet presence is vibrant and adaptive. Our services are fully hosted, meaning our clients never need to worry about uptime or servers – no hardware is needed or specialized IT training/skills required – or anything else, except greater engagement by your learning community.

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“Our home grown web site was out of control and our pages started to break down. Worse, we didn’t know who had set it up or how to maintain it. Collaborative Methods helped us sort out our needs and delivered professional platforms.”

Sharon Vroman
St. Anne School (Sacramento, CA)

How can we help?

  • Promote Greater Enrollment
  • Further Engage Current Families, Teams
  • Prepare for Accreditation
  • Improve Reporting
  • Generate Feedback
  • Save Time & Money through our Technology